Pierre’s office


We have a new office in the house! If the new houses arrangement, we decided to separate our offices, as both of us work from home and extra space would be nice.  So, the previous TV room, that was initially purple…


And then passed through a fast makeover..


First, we had to address the floor. As most of the house’s floor it was in need of refinishing but in good shape.


I stripped the old varnish mixed with glue and whatever else was mixed there.


Then we cleaned up and sanded everything.


For finishing we decided on staining and oiling. I found an interesting product, that needs just one coat and can be reapplied without stripping or sanding (what is particularly interesting in a house with two running dogs). And here are the floors finished, just before painting the baseboard.


And after furniture and deco went in.

2016-10-30-21-19-35 2016-10-30-21-19-55

The new den

A lot has happen this last year and so. I finished woodworking school after two years (I’m not attending the final year) and we bought a second house. We decided for a particular home arrangement and we are now leaving in two houses. So the use of rooms here are changing.

First room to be reassigned was the previous twins rooms. It is now a TV room and also a guest room. It will be also the house library, when I build the bookshelves.

The room is quite small, with sloped ceilings. It had beige walls and floors and bordeaux trimmings.


The plan was to make it lighter and fresher. A cozy, comfortable space to watch movies, read, relax. Walls, trimmings, windows and doors are now painted in white. The tin ceiling got a new coat of white. The floor kept beige. We changed the light fixture.


The radiator got a coat of antique brass, and it is so much nicer.


I also stripped all the painting on the windows pull back to the original brass.


A day bed, that was previously in Kyana’s room, got a lot of pillows to double as sofa, mostly, or bed when the kids come to sleep over.


I am still working on decorating the room, and the other side will get some built-ins to be a sort of library. We might get a new post soon on all that!

Recap – Atelier

The second room in operation beautification was the little kitchen that has became the kids atelier. It had very red wall, half solid red, half sponge painted…


The main goal here was to get rid of all the red.


We had already got some nicer furniture there, and I have some future plans for it that requires some work, so we needed to have it a little nicer till future arrives…

So here is where we are now:

DSC02982  DSC02984  DSC02986


Recap – Front door

The days before starting the school, I decided to put some deadlines for me as I imagined that it would be difficult to keep working in the house during classes. So, we took the front door out (it was already broken but still functional), so I had some months in front of me to have it finished before winter arrived. And we did it! We installed the door under the first snow, but we did it!


There were some problems with the front door: one of the hinges was broken, forcing even more the others; the hinges were not strong enough; it opened to the side that was more likely to get wind coming in, forcing it open; the hardware was really not beautiful and had nothing to do with the house. So..

The door is not solid wood. But is still very heavy. Someone built it using solid pieces of wood, a lot of them, and two plywood planks. The plywood was in bad shape, but not the structure, so I made some repairs were the wood had rotted, and changed the plywood.


I will have to make some extra coats of red next spring because red on plywood is kind of a complicated mix to achieve a great result. But it is already much better.

The hinges and knob are from a place specialized in replicas, and are very similar to the ones on the basement door (that I don’t know from when it is, but it is problably not original to the house. Or maybe it is, hard to know). And they match the house style much better. The letter box plate is the same that was there before. I just stripped the paint and spray painted in black.



Recap – Petit salon

First room on the list of the beautification project that happened during my January break was our tv room / guest bedroom downstairs. I just couldn’t leave with the purple blue lilac sponge paint anymore. It was mainly painting and new furniture and decor.


We painted the walls a dark taupe. The sofa still the old one, but now it is covered in a white bedspread. We added a bookshelf and Bonbon (our snake) moved here. And then it moved out, back to our office…



And we finally decorated the room. Soon, we will change the sofa and rearrange the things, but for now it is much cozier, more beautiful, everybody happy!



Well, it has been almost one year since my last post. Last august I started school (on woodworking!), kept working and family life went a little bit nuts around here, with 3 kids full-time here and some other challenges…  Additionally, my partner in crime was even busier this last months, so the renovation plans have changed a little. But things kept going!

During my summer vacations I will update on what has happened here the last months as well as tackle some projects, what I already started doing.

Half bathroon – reveal

After a long way, we are (almost) done with the first phase renovation of the little downstairs bathroom. At some point in the future we will have to really address floor and wall, but we are ok for some years now. So lets see the results!

It is a very small space, but a lot had to be done. There was all the pink (that we still have in the door and radiator that will be addressed soon). The window needed attention too and it became my first window restoration in the house).


We kept the wallpaper, just gluing some loose ends, changed the light fixtures and decorated! The pictures are not great, light is tricky there…

DSC02251nova DSC02250nova

After restoring the casing and the window panel, we installed it back with new hinges and a “stopper”. It is a piece used for trunks that solved our problem. Previously, the window would open all the way down, forcing the framing and staying on the way to the sink. Now the window can stay half-open, ventilating well without bothering or forcing the frame.


I manage to keep the old brass hardware. 🙂


The door wall was an ocean of pink.. There was also some patching to do.


There is still stuff to address at this side. The pink still there in the radiator and the door.. But the new color and decoration makes it so much better already!


The toilet wall also got painted as well as the pink shelves..


And here it is! The art is basic Ikea frames framing molas from Panama. And there is some decoration on the shelves now.


Hopefully, we will manage to finish the door and the radiator before winter arrives. And them all the pink will be gone!