For the kitchen

Saturday morning we decided to check out our options for new range and dishwasher, as the present ones are not ours. The plan was to check what were the nice options out there that would fit our checklist:


– gas;

– without the strange control panel that are in most range around here;

– good cooking qualities;

– and, of course, affordable.


– stainless steel, but the nice one;

– hardworker;

– one that we could install in the space we dont have for it;

– and, of course, affordable.

What was supposed to be just checking become this:

(Pics from Kenmore website)
We are very happy because they are really kind of what we had in mind, but we were not very sure we could afford it (nothing like a last day of a special sale). They are a nice match with our other appliances, but it will also make a nice old-new mix with what is already in our original vintage kitchen. You can follow in future posts what we get, for now the challenge is to install them, but each thing at their time.
Hope you have enjoyed too!

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