The shape of things to come…

Bureaucracy is going fast and we have being signing lots of papers recently. Meantime, we are planning the first works to do before we move and lots of decision are required.

As we have a little more than 2 weeks before moving at the house, but actually only around 10 days available for real work in there, we have decided to focus in few things: a temporary “cosmetic” treatment on the downstairs bathroom, important improvement in the kitchen and some small adjustments around the house (some carpets out, some doors and lamps in, and so on).

The kitchen is by far the biggest challenge as we hope to work on floors, finishing and installation of new appliances. It looks a lot, and probably it is, but we have found solutions that look we can make it on time. Lets see.

Here it goes some preliminary plans I made based on the visits to the house. First ground floor:

And First Floor:

More to come soon…



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