House Tour

The big day has finally arrived! Yesterday we signed the papers and got the keys of our new old house. From the notaire we went straight there and, less than half hour after we arrived, we manage to break something. I am sure it means good luck (and a new item in our “already-too-long-to-be-possible” to-do-list for the days before moving…). Actually, it was not us that broke it, it was nature, but the fact is that we have a damaged front door now…

Today, we had some of the needed stuff done (electric panel and oil tank, but I will left that for the guy talk in this blog..) and kids visited the house. It was really fun to go around the house together, so we thought would be nice to take everybody on a tour too. So here it goes a virtual house tour, for all of you that cannot be here right now 😉

The pictures are from the inspection before we bought the house, so the furniture is not ours and there is Christmas decoration all around, but it gives a good idea of it.

Living Room

Dining Room




Kids & Crafts Room


Bathroom (1st floor)

TV/Guest Room

Master Bedroom

Twins' Bedroom

Kyana's Bedroom

Cedric's Bedroom

There is some painting, wallpaper scrapping, floor treatment, etc to be done but the house is great and we are extremely happy.

Lots to happen in the next days!!



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