Contagem regressiva

Well, we got the keys on the 1st, and we are moving on the 19th. During these few days we have a to do list to “endeavor”:

– temporary renovation/1st floor bathroom

– renovation phase 1/kitchen

– renovation phase 1/Cedric’s room

– electricity, butane and oil installation/renovation

– little adjustments around the house

– HUGE cleaning..

We will make some post on the different fronts to help follow-up. Pierre has already done a before & after post on electricity and oil renovation here.

Day 13 is finished and we are very proud of our results. We have no idea if it will be ready for the moving, but things are going very well. And a lot of what we achieved it is thanks to Pierre’s parents. Merci beaucoup! 🙂

Tired and happy,






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