First floor bathroom – 1st update

We have bigger plans for this bathroom, but at the moment it is the only bathroom with a shower in the house. Considering we are 6 people ever other week here, we have to make it functional for the moving. Here is a ‘before’ picture:

The initial idea was to glue some vynil tiles on the floor, scrap and replace the grout, paiting it white and left the rest for the future bigger plans.

Finally, we decided to not use vynil anymore because the floor is very uneven and, as we had to scrap the old vynil, we found wood floor that could be used. It will have to painted due to stains and damage but it is coming nice:


It is missing the final photo after all the glue was removed, I will updated it later.

The grout scrapping also went further then expected… After taking the grout out, we also had to take out some parts of the drywall and the plywood underneath:

Here you can see WHY we had to take the drywall out… The smell was not nice at all! Little surprises in house renovation, I supposed, especially old ones 😉

And now where we are:


Next step: replacing drywall/plywood, deep cleaning, painting walls, replacing shower finishing, grouting and painting floor!



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