Kitchen – 1st update

We still have lots of updates to do, but things are going fast here and we always finish the day too tired to post anything…

The kitchen is, by far, our biggest challenge right now. It is an old kitchen, what means no installation for dishwasher, no place for appliances and so on. That was the kitchen when we bought the house:

We decided to paint the cabinets, take the upper cabinets doors out, installing a splashback, change the faucet, change the counter, install a gas range, scrap the linoleum floor and finish the wood that is under it and paint the walls.

First step: fighting with old screws and getting all the doors and drawers out of the cabinets:

Then we needed to sand it to prepare to paint and get rid of some old linoleum glue (the dark stains on the bottom shelves). That is not a cute job, as the remover smells badly and you get a creamy dark kind of gel as result… Anyway, a big cleaning was also necessary (I might write a special post on cleaning because it has been something to clean around here).

Second step: painting the cabinets. We decided to paint the upper cabinets the same color we are using for the trimmings as well as inside the bottom cabinets. The outside parts of the bottom cabinets will be a sort of greyish-green-beige…

As it can be seen in the picture, we removed the counter to make painting easier. In the meantime the gas company come to make the installation (the range is at right corner of the picture above, just waiting). And now we have 120 days to install a range hood due to the very sweet construction code. That means we will have to remove the cabinets on the right side of the picture and make a full installation (apparently the stuff has to go out of the house, we are double checking info on the code to make it right…).

Ikea delivered the counter we bought online and we had a tense cutting session (not for me as I was painting the cabinets, but the guys were measuring, and checking, and going to buy new stuff and checking everything again…):

It is a beautiful counter, isn’t it? Well, the cutting was perfect and as we still have to install the backsplash and prepare a platform for the range, we decided to not install the counter completely. We just put it over the cabinets (actually nobody can really notice that):

The orange stripe on the wall is some old painting that we found out after removing the old backsplash. The painting is well advanced in this picture: white inside and the greyish-green-beige, that looks completely different by the way… We “installed” the counter on the friday before moving, so we had to stop our work at this point and get as ready as possible to start using the kitchen. 

That is all for now, pessoal.



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