História de uma coifa

When we installed the range, we were notified we should install a range hood (coifa) in 120 days. It was not in our plans, at least not in such a short time, but we reorganized our priority list and started working on it.

First, we got a help of Pierre’s dad and while I was writing and reading and analysing data for my master they took the shelves out and started making holes everywhere.

Ok, it was not exactly that, but this was the result 😉 The house is made of beans over beans, so it is hard to find the way.

It took long but finally the guys managed to find a way through passing the tubes through Cedric’s room and back to the laundry and then out of the house. But it was late, we just managed to finish it in an other weekend (during a master break..).

After we finished connecting the tubes, we plugged it and turned it on. And it didn’t work! So we tried another switch, we read the manual again, we tried pushing buttons in a different order, we talked to it.. And the stuff was not going anywhere.. Well, after all this work, we found out we had a broke hood.

Next day Pierre spent half day to get it exchanged and we finally got it in place and working!

Now we can move on to the next item of the priority list (sink + dishwasher). Getting closer to a finished kitchen!



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