Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cédric’s room – almost done

Long time without publishing news.. We have to be more disciplined!

But lots have happened around here and we have our first (almost) finished room of the house!! We started from a pink, grandma style room, with a kind of green linoleum floor and strange wardrobes.

Our first step was to get rid of the strange wardrobes, making the room bigger. Walls and doors out, some drywall patching and voilá!

At the same time we scraped the wallpaper that was in one of the walls.


All that was done on the week before moving and then we stopped for a while. One of our challenges was the floor. The linoleum in this room is extremely glued on the hardwood floor under it and we are not completely sure about its conditions. Anyway we didn’t have the necessary time to scrap + sand + finish the floor. We decided to paint it instead. It is a temporary solution that solves our challenges (no time, very ugly floor). We also had to patch it as there was no linoleum inside the wardrobes but that is not a problem in a house with the amount of linoleum like this one.


We also painted the ceiling and the walls. The ceiling was a challenge on its own, as there was some yellow stains (water? cigarette? water + cigarette) that kept appearing. After 3 coats of paint and 1 of primer (not necessarily in this order, but not in the right one), we decided that it was white enough. For the walls we chose a light gray and blackboard black.


Then we were ready to bring back the tatami, futon, desk, chair and japanese lamps! We still have to install curtains, finish the trimmings (some to be installed, all to be painted) and probably some extra decorative touches, but it is already another room!

We are very proud and happy with the result, some before and after to get a better idea of the change.