We (almost) have a pantry!

This week we started our last big work of this year: finishing the kitchen. I will post later this week about our planning but I realize we didn’t post anything about our pantry.

Well, when we bought the house there was no pantry. On the week before moving, that we were working hard to have all the important things done (like installing the dishwasher, that still in the box, but that is another story…), I had an idea for the pantry. There was a very strange passage connecting the kitchen to the laundry room. And a completely unnecessary closet in the dinning room.

Pics from the kitchen, from the laundry and from the dinning room:


The brilliant idea was to remove the wall thus connecting directly the kitchen to the dinning room and turning the closet into a pantry. It is also a nice addition of much-needed storage space to the kitchen. Well, I told Pierre about it and he liked the idea. A little later I come back to the kitchen to find that:


Ok, idea approved! It was like that for a while till he had some time to completely take out the wall. Next step was to address the pantry walls. As it was a closet we had some wholes where the rods were installed. So, some little reparation and muddying and the wall was ready to paint.


But before there was something else to address. The floor in this area is hardwood, but it was under very old vinyl, in very bad condition.

It looks disgusting (and it is) but it is actually very easy to deal with. You just take out the vinyl (almost none was left) with your hands and then focus on the paper-glue-whatever thing that stays over the floor. I did some research (blogs are sooo useful) and found an easy and very efficient recipe: wet towels.

You just leve a wet towel over the affected area for some minutes. After you scrap with a plastic “scraper” (whatever is the name of it in english) and finally wash the floor with a wet cloth to take out the rest of glue left.

It goes quite fast and it is not as disgusting as it looks. The final result is a floor ready to be finished (and much easier to clean and live with till there)

During the scrapping process I painted the walls. The color was a special deal at Home Depot, that was cheap and that matches our color scheme. The challenge was to cover the water and cigarette stains (I guess someone was smoking inside the closet.. I can’t thing of a worse place to do it..). I did some serious cleaning, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint and we still can see some stains..

We still have to solve how to install the shelves the way we (me) want in a way they stay there (dry wall is something very frustrating to me. I am used to brick walls, that means everything you install on your wall usually stays there). For now we just organized it with some furniture we had, but the plans are ready. We will install some shelves made with wood we have in our basement, install some hangers and hoods from Ikea (that we have from our previous kitchen) and probably keep the furniture. We also need to find something to close it, maybe something like a barn door or some brilliant idea still to be found.

Now everybody is updated on our starting point for what is coming this month.



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