When we decided to buy this house we also decided to stay extra days in our rented house so we could work in some priority stuff before moving. One of the main points was the kitchen, because it was very clear we could not moving without a dishwasher installed. And as this is a very old house there is no place (and no plumbing and no electricity…) for a dishwasher. We have the kids every other week what means a LOT of dish to wash, so I think everybody understand our decision.

Obviously we miscalculated the size of the job and we were not able to do it before moving (does it happens to everyone or just us?). So for the last five months the kitchen was almost always like that:

Often much worse than that. So, today we finally start working on it!

The challenge is that we have to do a lot of things together, it is not just installing the dishwasher. It will go by the sink – a 1950’s steel cabinet with a sink – in serious need of care. Additionally, the plumbing is quite old so there is no way to close the water to uninstall the sink. It is necessary to close the water of the whole house to literally cut the pipes.

We started with some plumbing then.

We even had some extra emotion moments..

Things were very stick together so it was necessary some heat to make it loose. Then we uninstalled the sink and the cabinet. We worked in 2 different fronts, the sink and the cabinet. The cabinet is taking longer and we didn’t take pictures of the last results of the day, so I am posting tomorrow about it.

We set a painting booth for the sink inside the kitchen. Then we cleaned deeply and extensively as the sink came out like that:

After the cleaning we got a much better view.

Then a first coat of epoxy paint.

And after dinner a second coat.

Tomorrow we have to make a final sanding to get rid of some drippings and stuff that glued on the drying paint and we are ready for the final coat. So more updates tomorrow with the full post on the cabinet.



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