Sink cabinet

We started the day early and after breakfast I put a third coat of epoxy on the sink bowl.

And later a last coat on the whole sink. Before showing the final result, lets check how it was before we uninstalled it.

And now the looking-like-brand-new-one.

Another view. I can’t stop looking at it 🙂 It is white, it is smooth, it is shiny. And it will be clean when we start using it again. That is a very nice quality for a sink.. So now we wait 5 days and we are ready to install.

As I said yesterday this sink is part of a sink cabinet. The piece is a Youngstown Kitchen by Mullins, probably from the 1950s. we really wanted to keep it but it was in sad conditions. There were dirt, rust and broken parts and the “new” pink knobs didn’t help the poor thing at all. And it was painted with regular paint in a very beige beige.

So we decided to renovate the cabinet too. First we disassembled it. And if it was disgusting inside the cabinet, I am not very sure what would be the word for what was under it.

Yes, there was 2 toothbrushes and a cigarette (of course)…

We took it out and we (mainly Pierre’s parents) stripped the painting. This morning we finished stripping and cleaning. the weather helped a lot, it was cold but very sunny.

We also applied some rust converter as we had seriously damaged parts. The bottom of the cabinet we had to cut as there was no way to recover it.

After drying up we took it back inside and started painting. We decided to use the same epoxy to paint inside, the back  and the sides as there was a lot left and these parts are not really visible. For the front and the doors/drawer we will use another paint that dries faster and it is a paint for use on appliances and cabinets. Painting inside the cabinet is a real pain.. There is so many corners and little things, and you have to twist a lot. And the flat sides are really difficult to make it real flat. Anyway, as I said we won’t be able to see these parts, the painting is for protection more than for beauty. After a first coat we had some very uneven result.

Then we painted the bottom, or what is left of it, and the base with anti-rust paint. And applied a second coat of epoxy.

It is already dark so the picture is not fantastic. Also there was no good angle to get the picture. Tomorrow I will take some better ones. Next step is to paint the front and the door and drawer during the week and next weekend we install everything and, hopefully, finish successfully the plumbing.

A before and after to finish this post. We started here…

…and got here.

Boa noite, pessoal!



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