Review 2011

Now that the holidays season is officially finished in this house is time to start planning the works around the house in 2012. But it is always good to look back to see how things went in the previous year. So..

In 2011 we looked for a new house and decided to buy a 1870 house in need of love (according to the sales announce). The house has no serious structure work to be done, but it needs some work almost everywhere. We got the keys in June, had 10 days to first work and moved to it the way it was. I was also finishing to write my dissertation and went to Brazil to get my master degree. We also had some visits, travelled a little, enjoyed life and took care of daily life. Quite a busy year!

And we also achieve a lot around the house:


– Changed electric panel and oil tank

– Fixed small infiltrations in the basement

– Deep cleaned and organized in 3 spaces

– Set a game room in the first basement


– Municipality work destroyed our beautiful garden, but it will be restored next spring

– We cut the wine to access the windows and started installing chicken wires on the wall to get it growing correctly next spring

Sitting room:

Painted ceiling, walls and trimming and got temporary furniture

Dinning room:

– Got very nice furniture

Dinning room closet / Pantry:

Connected the kitchen to the dinning room and changed used of the closet to a pantry

– Scrapped the vinyl floors and painted the walls


Bought a dishwasher and a range

Installed a new counter

Installed a range hood

Restaured the sink, the sink cabinet and installed a dishwasher

Upgraded the upper cabinets, painted the walls and installed beadboard as backsplash

– Started the bottom cabinets

First floor bathroom:

– Scrapped the vinyl floor and painted it white

– Took out walls full of mold, installed new one and restored hardware in the shower area

(here and here)

– Deep cleaned everything (really)

– Installed new curtains and mirror and fast decorated it

Upstairs hall:

Scrapped wall paper and left it like that

Twins’ room:

– Installed new curtains

– Got new storage boxes (and we already need more)

Cedric’s room:

– Uninstalled strange wardrobes

– Painted walls and an accent wall (with blackboard paint)

– Painted the vinyl floor black

– Installed new paper lamp

(all here)

– Installed new curtains

– Put tatami on the floor and a queen mattress with new sheets on it (nice pillows on the way)

Kyana’s room:

– Scrapped blue carpet

– Got new sheets and duvet

– Put a bench under the window and got some decoration

– Installed curtains

Master room:

Installed new wardrobe

– Got a new mattress and bed lines

– Got a new chest of drawers

Second floor bathroom:

Scrapped carpet and wallpaper

– Got some storage and improvised some decoration


Not bad.. Definitely we didn’t register it well on the blog, lets see if we improve in that in 2012! Soon we come back if plans and projects for 2012!





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