Sink cabinet – part 2

After finishing all coats that was the final result:

And then it was time for the most complicate part of the work: plumbing. The kitchen didn’t have a dishwasher installation what is not really sustainable for a family big like ours. So we had to reinstall the taps but also create the structure and the installation for a new dishwasher. First the guys made a frame to house the dishwasher, topped with the same counter we already installed on the other side of the sink.

Here is the unpacked dishwasher, we were really dreaming with it installed and functional…

At this point we got lots of help, Pierre’s dad and mom and cousin. And we can say things might have being different without this precious help, at least slower. We got some audience too.

So we got the sink place clean and painted (what actually wouldn’t be necessary later), in order to install back the cabinet.

We also cut the drywall to pass the wire and install all electricity inside the wall (therefore being able to get rid of that awful huge white box).

Then the guys connected all the pipes back and connected the dishwasher and the new beautiful taps. We also decided to install beadboard on the back of the cabinet, as it is open, to get a much better finishing than the painted wall.

And then the dishwasher was connected, ready to be used.

And that is exactly what we did. After 6 almost 6 months washing huge piles of dishes on the sink, we finally got some help in that.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Then it was time to finish the structure around it and set the counter on the top. We still have to finish the side and front, but we almost there!

There is plastic everywhere because we were giving the first coat of painting. But next we go to our work in the wood cabinets.



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