Planning 2012

This week was planning week for works around the house in 2012. It was major cleaning week too. So I pictured the rooms how they are now to start the list of what is coming.

Basement 1:


– Clean walls and floor

– Seal concrete floor

– Install heating (?)

Basement 2:


– HUGE cleaning of wall and floor

– Seal concrete floor

– Get storage furniture and organize storage area

– Set a new work table, fix present work table and organize work area

Basement 3:


– Clean floor

– Seal concrete floor (?)

– Organize hard storage (?)


– Follow up garden restoration with municipality

– Install chicken wires on the wall and guide vine growth

– General maintenance

– Set sitting area in our  side yard



– Paint front deck

– Reinstall windows panels that fell this winter

– Build winter back entrance (?)

Entrance hall:


– no plans for 2012

Sitting room:


– no plans for 2012

Dinning room:


– Scrap vinyl floor

– Uninstall old curtain rods

– Finish wood floors (?)


– Build storage system (shelves?)

– Change lamp

– Install door (?)

– Plan what to do in the space between pantry and kitchen

– Finish wood floors (?)



– Finish bottom cabinets

– Finish spice rack

– Install shelf for microwave

– Find solution for scratched stainless steel fridge door

– Scrap vinyl floors (?)

– Finish wood floors (?)

– Install organization boards on the side of fridge

– Find solution for wood stuff at side of fridge

– Finish metal cabinet (internal botton shelf, drawer rail and knobs)



– Insulate external wall

– Uninstall old cabinets

– Build cabinets with integrated dogs houses

– Install utility sink

– Finish walls and ceiling (where we damaged installing the hood), including muddying, painting and other finishes not defined yet

– Paint floor

First floor half bathroom:

– no plans for 2012

First floor bathroom:

– Find a solution for yellow stains on the walls

– Paint sink

– Install curtain under the sink and uninstall door



– Getting some sort of temporary storage

– Moving the dogs out

Guest room:


– no plans for 2012



– no plans for 2012

Upstairs hall:


– no plans for 2012

Twins’ room:


– Build a play table, buy chairs and set extra storage

– Install hooks for towels

– Paint (?)

Cedric’s room:


– Finish little window curtain

– Get a new chair

Kyana’s room:


– Finish curtains

– Get a vanity desk

– Get a nightstand, or some thing that works like one

Master room:


– no plans for 2012

Second floor bathroom:


– I really would like to start it by the end of this year, lets see how things go..

So the list is long, the time is short and budget is always tight (how much we still don’t know as I am still trying to understand how much tax I am suppose to pay…). But for sure we will have lots of fun here!



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