Sewing days

I took the last days to do some sewing work around the house. It is a nice, and cheap, way to get things done (with the 2012 planning we have it is a nice motivation) and fast impact.

First, I made curtains to the little window at Cedric’s room. Actually, I “converted” 1 curtain in 2. As we will install a bench under the big window (to hide the hook pipe passing there) we needed to shorten the curtain. So I separated the bottom squares of it and used to make the little curtains. So that is the double result:


For the same room I made a nice big pillow, using a big insert and Ikea fabric:

I started hemming (with the hot iron stuff, not exactly sewing..) Kyana’s room curtains. And made a curtain for the downstairs bathroom, but we still have to buy velcro to install it, so no pics yet.

Finally I sewed the cover back to the sofa (it was originally zippered but kids broke it, and as we still didn’t decide on the plans for this room we need some temporary solution for our sofa cover).

Not a lot, but little important details.



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