Back to the pantry

A lot of little things moving here and nothing really being finished, but that is no reason to not share, right?

After we “created” a pantry for our kitchen, we kind of made up some storage and let stuff in waiting mode..

It is not beautiful and, clearly, there is no space to everything we store here (feeding 4 kids requires LOTS of storage space!). So I made a plan and as my guy is quite busy lately, I decided to start with what I could do alone: building a set of shelves. First furniture that I build ever. Cool. So, why do it myself instead of buying one? First, I wanted it to fit the space; Second, I wanted several shelves not so high, not so deep. You can’t find that in any store. Building it was the obvious conclusion.

So, we got some pine (we decided to cut the wood there would be faster and more precise…). I stained the planks, because we want a darker look to the wood there.


Then I took out the baseboard, using my new craft tool 🙂

I mean.. I just managed to take out this little part. The big piece I just managed to destroy the drywall behind it. I hate drywall. I grew up in a place that wall were made of bricks and mortar and, obviously, they were holding the stuff you nailed on them or they were not breaking at any touch on it. Well, I waited the native guy arrive because he grew up surrounded by drywall, he knows what to do with it. Of course, he managed to take it out without further damage (not that there was space for much more) and I paid attention to what he was doing. Next time I know what to do. Hope so. Anyway, the damage was already huge, requiring some not planned patching…

As you can see in the picture, I did a great job (in destroying not in patching the wall….). And also that we didn’t finished the floors yet. But I did a little test (the part that looks wet) and I think we will have very nice result when we finally finish it.

I didn’t finished fixing the wall yet, but I am close to paint the patched area. It is not going to appear a lot, so it doesn’t requires a perfect finishing but holes were too much.

Then I measured and marked all the shelves and drilled the pilot holes for the fixed shelves. When Pierre arrived we assembled the base structure.


Great, no? Almost… I did a little little little measuring mistake and it did’t fit. This house is tricky because things are not levelled, straight or symmetric. So you need to measure everything several times, triple check and be sure you considered all the possibilities. I know that, and now I know a little better..

So we disassembled the shelves and took to cut again. Anyway, we decided to cut it a little more because we are not sure about the finishing on the outside of the pantry, and this way we can accommodate more options without having to cut the shelves again. We already reassembled the shleves but I didn’t take any picture. This week I am working on it, I want to be finished before going to Brasil for 2,5 weeks, so we might have a new post on it soon.



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