Monthly Archives: April 2012

Spring is coming, lets talk about our garden

When we bought the house, one of the things it was in best conditions around was the garden.

As gardening here is something completely new for me, I was very excited to learn everything last spring, and then starting gardening for real this year. But then the city decided to change some pipes on our street..

.. and our garden was kind of on the way. So by early fall we were left with that…

They are supposed to come this spring to replant what they destroyed, and hopefully we will have our very nice garden back! And of course there are some plans for outside and as temperature is already reaching 10C we might start working on that soon.



Finishing the pantry shelves

Well, this was a long time without writing. But now I am back home, after intense 3 weeks in Brazil working and visiting family & friends. Before travelling, however, I manage to finish the shelves for the pantry. As I told in the last post I mismeasured the space and we had to cut everything to get it right. That meant disassembling everything, cutting and assembling again.

And now the shelves are ready. I still have to finish patching the wall, attach the shelves to the wall and install some crown moulding to give a more built-in look.

But it is already fully functional. And full!

So, first step finished. we are getting back to work on the pantry, and some other places very soon!