Base cabinets

As we told in a previous post, we decided to keep, and improve, the original kitchen cabinets. We finished the upper cabinets last november, before my family arrived for Christmas here in snowland. We didn’t manage to finish the bottom cabinets due to time constrains and facing reality. But we got back to work now and it was much smoother then we had anticipated in november.

Remembering our starting point:

We started by ripping out the original counters, uninstalling the doors and cleaning&painting the interiors.

Then we installed the new wood counters..

Still in november we painted the cabinet structure

and applied a frame to give a nicer finishing to the doors.

We also applied a layer of plywood on the drawers’ fronts to get everything leveled. And we got everything painted.

Then, when we tried to install everything back it just didn’t fit back. Obviously. If you try to make round\bronken stuff get a little more straight, they just won’t fit in the same space they were before. Obviously.

So, for the last 4 months we had nice painted doors parked in our kitchen till we got back to them this april..

So, to be able to get the doors back in place we had to cut some of the drawers front side, and also adjust the drawers to raise them a little so to stop getting on the doors tops.

But when you cut plywood you have some side effects that we also had to fix.

We decided to not install the corner single door as it would be a lot af adjustment to get it to fit, and instead we opted for a curtain solution.

After we got the doors installed, it was time to install the knobs and pulls. But, then, the drill run out of battery and we are still evaluating what we will do (replace batteries, replace drill, what model then…). In the meantime we borrowed Pierre’s brother’s drill. This is how all projects take longer then initially planned 😉

But today we finally finished the base cabinets!!



The curtain is a little to long, but I am still not sure where it should stop. Lets live with it for a while and decide later.

And now it is time to start working on the laundry room..



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