First floor bathroom – 3rd update

As soon as we moved we worked in a temporary fix for the downstairs bathroom. We plan to do a very nice renovation there, but as it is the only shower in the house and it was disgusting, we needed to make it usable for now. You can check what we did in here and here.

After these bigger works, we added some little decoration detail, like a mirror and a shower curtain. And now it is a pretty decent bathroom. Nothing particularly beautiful, but no disgusting grout, mold, red walls and dirty vinyl floors.

But there was one thing that was bothering me still. The sink is a kind of plastic material and over time it has turned yellowish. I scrubbed it more than you can imagine, but it always looked like it was dirty.

So I decided to paint it. I found this spray paint for plastic and it has worked well in some other places we tried. I know that a sink is going to be more complicate to hold the paint, but the worst scenario is that I will have to take the paint off. Not exactly a problem, so lets give it a try.

All taped and covered..

and some layers of spray paint after…

A much whiter sink! So nice!

So check it again.



And a full view of this bathroom, as it is now (I finished the sink curtain). Even if it is temporary I am still not 100% happy with the result. I want to paint the walls again (I am thinking in a strong color for the lower half, maybe blue or pink, but Pierre is not convinced). And we need some caulking to give a more finished looking.. Lets see, lets see.. 😉



One response to “First floor bathroom – 3rd update

  • Cecilia

    Irmã, o banheiro está ficando muito legal. Não sei se colocaria cor nas paredes não….. acho que o branquinho está ficando legal com suas cortinas coloridas. A pia ficou muito boa!

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