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Garden report – 27.06.12

It is raining like crazy here. So when we had 5 minutes of shy sun I went to check the garden and get some pics of what is new to share here.

Roses (view from the front garden).

Hydrangea starting its first blooming.

The hostas are coming too.

The Hemerocallis, even if they were heavily affected by the work last summer.

Some others I don’t know the name

And some other of the “weeds?” category. Aren’t them cute?



Slow progress is still progress, right?

I know.. Long time without news about our progress in the laundry. But things are moving slowly (kids finishing school, summer activities, visits..). And, also, taking out the planks without breaking them is taking much more time than initially expected (as usual, I guess I am just not good in setting my initial expectations). Especially when you have to deal with stuff like that…

Yes.. decades, maybe century old dust and hair. And old insulation. Not nice… But we had some slow progress and things are looking like that now.

We still have to figure out how to uninstall the planks of the side wall. I will try some ideas tonight, lets see. Hope this weekend we can move forward.



Gardening here has been a lot of learning (as several other ordinary stuff), specially because I am from a completely different part of the world. Plants are not the same, seasons are not the same, gardening is pretty much not the same too.

So, my first spring/summer in this house was mainly observing. To understand how the plants behave and what is what. But then the municipality destroyed half of the garden and I am now starting a lot from zero. Anyway, one of the things that is still tricky for me is to know what is weed or not. Some are pretty obvious, but I have a lot of little plants with nice flowers that just grow by themselves in the¬†garden. So I am making some research and also developing my own criteria of what is weed what is not. Anyway it is a pretty arbitrary concept, isn’t it?

Some of them below.

So, what you think? Are they weed or not? Does it make any difference?


Garden Report – 21.06.12

New flowers showing their faces around here… ūüôā


Garden Report – 18.06.12

The municipality finally came to restore what they destroyed in our front garden. They cleaned up the debris and filled the spaces with land. Now they are ordering plants and soon we will be closer to a decent garden here..

As we have a new space between the last step and the street, I put some rocks as pavers. Here is during the process. The idea is to let plants grow around it.

We also took out the cement blocks we had as borders (as now there is a new border for the garden) and used some of them to enlarge the side walls of the basement entrance.

The peonies still blooming a lot and even Molly finds them amazing.

And the roses started too.

And these beauties that I just can’t remember the name…


Porte √Čpices

I love cooking. Therefore I love ingredients, specially spices. We have a nice amount of different spices and storage is always an issue. First, original packaging is not really made to be kept. Second, you should keep then out of light to best preserve the spices. Third, we don’t have lots of storage place in our kitchen.

Aside that, we have a gap between the counter and the wall in our kitchen. We considered some options to solve it, but it is not so easy due to its position, cabinets and so on.. So I found a solution to solve both problems.

I got some spice jar at Ikea and spray painted then black as we get lots of light everywhere in this house.

After I painted a long piece of wood using blackboard paint (leftover from Cedric’s room).

Just added some subtitles (in case I forget what I have there :P)

And labelled all the jars, as you cannot see what is inside anymore.

Voil√†. A nice spice rack. I still have to finish the jars as some didn’t hold the paint well. And I might have to reconsider the idea of writing “√©pices” everywhere because some distracted fingers already erased it from some spots. Lets see how it goes…


Laundry update

We keep advancing in the laundry room, even if it doesn’t look like.. We started with the walls¬†and I am working on the radiator when there is some free time. ¬†Last weekend, while I was gardening, the guys finished taking the last pieces of drywall out. It was long because it was the trick parts (pipes, electricity…).

We started the weekend here:

Lots of noise, cursing, some bruises and blood after…

And we finally got a fully naked laundry.

It was pretty disgusting though. So… last days I am cleaning it. It is long, it is not particularly fun, but it is highly necessary. During the weekend, the boys also passed a new wire so we are close to call the electrician to finish¬†electricity there. In the meanwhile, however, we have no light there because what we discover was not beautiful and definitely not safe.

A final picture of the laundry today, after another cleaning round.. It is dark but I hope it is possible to see a little of my hard work..

No? Well, believe me, it is much cleaner ūüėČ

Next weekend we have extra help again, so lets see if we manage to get some important things done here!