Garden report – 01.06.2012

Some pictures of what is happening around our garden…

Little wild strawberry flowers. Hope this year they become fruit.

I made a new flower bed (this picture was while I was planting it, but it is now finished). It is Myosotis what is almost weed here (actually I think it is weed because it is EVERYWHERE). But it is cute anyway (and from where I come from these are annuals).

These funny flowers that I don’t know the name are so beautiful this year. Earlier this spring I replanted them all together (except for one I’ve just found a last one I missed then) and now they appear much more.

The front garden is get nicer and nicer, Although I still have to finish the right side (not in the picture) and who knows what the municipality is doing on the little new stripe of garden they created last year.

And one of the good things of having so many flowers in our backyard is that we can bring some of them inside. Today I just gave myself a little lily of the valley arrangement. They are so cute and it is almost impossible to see them on the garden (the flowers are all hidden by the leaves). And it smells nice (what is particularly nice, specially considering that I am currently sharing my office with the 2 dogs…)

… and the municipality is coming next week to replant what they destroyed. Lets hope it works well.



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