A naked laundry room

One thing I really like in our house is that we have a big laundry room. But the room is not exactly nice. (OK, the mess in this picture doesnt help either..)

The cupboards take lots of space and are not practical at all, there are several different layers of wallpaper and even if it is quite a big space the use of space is bad. Also, I want a utility sink there and we need to install the dogs here. As the walls are not insulated, we could not move them here till now.

The plan is simple: we insulate the external wall (left on the above picture), install new cupboards with base cabinets adapted to be dog beds, install the utility sink and paint/finish everything.

This weekend we assessed the situation: we will have to move the outlet for the dryer, what means some electrical work. It is supposed to be simple, all material are bought and Pierre is working on that next weekend. We will also have to move the pipe where the air from the dryer goes (no idea what is the name of that). But we found out that now the duct is actually going straight into the basement (It is hard to believe how people can do such a bad job) so we will have to install it from scratch.

This weekend we focused on planning the insulation. We checked our books and talked to a great guy at Home Depot. Then we decided to remove all the drywall from the external wall, install the batts over the older walls and close with a new plank wall. And when we arrived back home, demolition started.

First we uncovered the window. Because this room was originally a summer kitchen, the window is a simple window so it would be complicated to put this window back to use and keep the room warm during winter. Although we have no windows here, we are keeping it covered (and we are considering some options to bring light and ventilation here).

And then all the drywall came down.

Considering the information on the drywall sheets we were dealing with material from the 50s… (The pictures are bad because there was not natural light and I couldn’t use the flash light because there was too much dust in the air)

And then we decided to take all the drywall out, including the other wall and the ceiling. The nice surprise was that we found a very nice wood wall (we believe that is original to the house) and a plank ceiling. The external wall is also plank, not exactly uniform, but nice anyway.

In consequence, the plans have changed. We are taking out the planks of the external wall, insulating and reinstalling the planks back. We keep the wood wall (just cleaning and protecting it) and the plank ceiling.

We finished the day in the middle of a huge mess and very happy. It doesn’t look beautiful at all yet, but it will be amazing!



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