Laundry update

We keep advancing in the laundry room, even if it doesn’t look like.. We started with the walls and I am working on the radiator when there is some free time.  Last weekend, while I was gardening, the guys finished taking the last pieces of drywall out. It was long because it was the trick parts (pipes, electricity…).

We started the weekend here:

Lots of noise, cursing, some bruises and blood after…

And we finally got a fully naked laundry.

It was pretty disgusting though. So… last days I am cleaning it. It is long, it is not particularly fun, but it is highly necessary. During the weekend, the boys also passed a new wire so we are close to call the electrician to finish electricity there. In the meanwhile, however, we have no light there because what we discover was not beautiful and definitely not safe.

A final picture of the laundry today, after another cleaning round.. It is dark but I hope it is possible to see a little of my hard work..

No? Well, believe me, it is much cleaner 😉

Next weekend we have extra help again, so lets see if we manage to get some important things done here!



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