Porte Épices

I love cooking. Therefore I love ingredients, specially spices. We have a nice amount of different spices and storage is always an issue. First, original packaging is not really made to be kept. Second, you should keep then out of light to best preserve the spices. Third, we don’t have lots of storage place in our kitchen.

Aside that, we have a gap between the counter and the wall in our kitchen. We considered some options to solve it, but it is not so easy due to its position, cabinets and so on.. So I found a solution to solve both problems.

I got some spice jar at Ikea and spray painted then black as we get lots of light everywhere in this house.

After I painted a long piece of wood using blackboard paint (leftover from Cedric’s room).

Just added some subtitles (in case I forget what I have there :P)

And labelled all the jars, as you cannot see what is inside anymore.

Voilà. A nice spice rack. I still have to finish the jars as some didn’t hold the paint well. And I might have to reconsider the idea of writing “épices” everywhere because some distracted fingers already erased it from some spots. Lets see how it goes…



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