Gardening here has been a lot of learning (as several other ordinary stuff), specially because I am from a completely different part of the world. Plants are not the same, seasons are not the same, gardening is pretty much not the same too.

So, my first spring/summer in this house was mainly observing. To understand how the plants behave and what is what. But then the municipality destroyed half of the garden and I am now starting a lot from zero. Anyway, one of the things that is still tricky for me is to know what is weed or not. Some are pretty obvious, but I have a lot of little plants with nice flowers that just grow by themselves in the garden. So I am making some research and also developing my own criteria of what is weed what is not. Anyway it is a pretty arbitrary concept, isn’t it?

Some of them below.

So, what you think? Are they weed or not? Does it make any difference?



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