Monthly Archives: July 2012

Small steps

We moved plumbing and electricity last weekend, and finished painting the back wall and a new section of the floor.

Tomorrow the electrician is coming to connect the new wires. Next weekend we can move the machines to its right place (we have to wait the floor to cure). In the meantime, I might start assembly the cabinets, lets see..

Small steps, but keep walking 😉










Laundry floor

I started painting the floor!! Actually I just primed, but it is so close now… Yesterday I sanded (lightly), caulked and cleaned.

And today I primed.

We are working divided in areas because we cannot disconnect the machines (with 4 kids every other week  you can imagine the amount of laundry we have to deal here). So we will paint this area, move the machines and paint the next area. Because of that the wall behind the machines is just primed. It is hard to get there, so I will finish painting it when we move the machines.

Also we are painting the floor green, but it is already so nice just with the primer… 🙂 If it was not such a busy room and there was not already so much white going on, it would be nice to have white floors.



Garden report – 18.07.12



Posting some indoor flowers… I have just a few, but they are all going very well now. The Phalaenopsis below is new. I just got it last sunday.

Outside, the tomatos are growing fast. So cute..

And we have some few new flowers. I need to plan more late summer/fall flowers.


Laundry – fast update

Last update we were closing the wall.

And we finally finished today!

And I started priming the ceiling too.

I am probably finishing priming the walls tomorrow. And I think we can get the painting finished before the weekend.

Lets see…

And a sneak pic of one of our new barn doors.. Pierre’s dad came this weekend and brought the two doors he got for us. We will use them later, but one is probably going to the laundry. 🙂


Garden Report – 10.07.12

We are already enjoying the raspberries… They taste great!

Soon we will be enjoying tomatoes too.

And we have some new flowers showing up.

This corner is the best solved part of our front garden. And as you can see we are still waiting for the plants…

I love summer!