We got some very important steps done here. After we decided to reuse the original planks, we needed to be more cautious in taking them out. It took time and there were some bruises along the way.

Finally we got the wall ready to insulation, the whole reason to open it in first place.

We started insulating the side wall, as we decided to not reuse the original planks because it would be very difficult to take them out without breaking and anyway it was not beautiful.

We built a structure to hold the new planks (the pics are not good because we have a billion stuff inside the laundry right now, making it impossible to see anything well)

Batts came in

And, voilà, a pink wall. And warmer laundry days in  future winter.

Then we cut and installed the new planks.

And not longer after, a new wall.

That was saturday morning. Then we had to go to the pool, have outdoor dinner and later movie session, busy summer- holiday-with-kids schedule. Sunday we started the day later after so many activities. I started puting the batts and after Pierre came to help me finishing with the foam and the vapor barrier.

Just after lunch I finished installing back all the original planks that will be visible (we changed the original positioning).

Now we need to finish closing the wall and we will be ready to prime, paint and install the cabinets. Lets see how things go this week.

I also had a nice progress on the radiator front, the stripping is almost finished.

The original plan was to repaint it, but we really like how it looks now. We are researching if we can keep it not painted and what would be the finishing then. Not lots of info, though.

That is all, pessoal.



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