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Why things take long…

We didn’t finish the laundry yet. Actually we didn’t advance  much since we finished the cabinets. Our original plan was to finish it all in around 2 months. It has been more than 3 already, and we still have a long way ahead of us. Sometimes renovating can be overwhelming. You just feel you will never manage to do it. You feel defeated, frustrated. You just want to move. Or a magic wand. Having a magic wand definitely would be a fantastic idea.

But why it takes so long? Well, first we are very busy people. I mean really busy people. We both work full-time. We have no cleaner or any other kind of help in housekeeping (what is to be changed soon); we have 4 kids every other week; we have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 snake; we have a big house with lots of renovation to be done. We have friends and family. I am from a different country. We like doing lots of stuff. We enjoy summer. And also fall, spring and winter (not always). So at the same time we were working on the laundry we were also working, cooking, cleaning, gardening, making small repairs around, shopping, playing with kids and pets, swimming, barbecuing, going to cinema, Cirque du Soleil, Festival de Jazz, travelling, trecking, meeting friends and family….  And we also try to relax from time to time (ok, I am no so good in that).

Second, we are creative. And we let the house “talk” to us. So the projects change a lot. We had planned to open the wall, insulate, close the wall, paint, install a utility sinks and cabinets and finish organization/decoration of the room. Then we liked the original walls and ceiling that we found. We had to rewire everything. We didn’t like the finishing of the cabinets. We found a barn door. And yesterday, while opening a window to make the space more comfortable for the dogs, we found that the internal wall – under the sort of paper finish – is kind of cool. And if we get to it we will have more space in the laundry. Important space. So we might start demolition there again. But just after moving the dogs. And doing some other stuff that are before in our priority list. Because fall is arriving…


The joke when we started and something was delaying us was that if things kept going like we would finish the laundry in september. Well, nobody said of what year 😉



Laundry cabinets

We are almost done with assembling and installing the cabinets.



The thing is: I bought the cabinets online at Ikea. I had not seen them before. Online pictures are very deceiving. So when we opened the boxes and saw those plastic doors, the disappointment was gigantic. After some thinking the conclusion was: no way we are installing doors that look like toys in our laundry, they are not just ugly, it is disrespectful with the house! This is why there are no upper cabinets doors installed. We are looking for some solution (quite advanced on that by the way, but some tests are still required).

What we still have to do (besides solving ugly door finishings):

– finish dogs beds (all supplies already in hand)

– install utility sink

– utility sink backsplash

– install barn door

– finish installing wallpaper

– rewire and install lamp

– finish wall around the external door

– inverse external door and paint it

– finish wood wall

– install trimmings

– finish radiator

– patch broken part of ceiling

I know. we are probably not finishing it so soon.. But we are getting were we want, I hope 😉


A laundry corner

The external side of the laundry is on the way of getting finished and after a week disconnected the laundry is functional again.

Last days were focused on finishing the machine’s corner. First I took out all the trimmings as the distance between them was larger than the wallpaper width.

Then everything got patched, primed…

… and painted.

We decided to go with wallpaper on the internal wall. Its finishing is a sort of cardboard so painting would be ugly. And this is my first ever sheet of wallpaper installed! No perfect but not bad.

Later I installed the moulding and Pierre finished the outlets. All ready to install the machines.

And here we are. Laundry is functional again and on the way… we will install an utility think by the machines but that will wait a little. Now I am assembling the cabinets, so the dogs can move.

And just to remember how it was before we started…

It is not finished, there is still a lot to do but I am already much happier with what is coming.