Laundry cabinets

We are almost done with assembling and installing the cabinets.



The thing is: I bought the cabinets online at Ikea. I had not seen them before. Online pictures are very deceiving. So when we opened the boxes and saw those plastic doors, the disappointment was gigantic. After some thinking the conclusion was: no way we are installing doors that look like toys in our laundry, they are not just ugly, it is disrespectful with the house! This is why there are no upper cabinets doors installed. We are looking for some solution (quite advanced on that by the way, but some tests are still required).

What we still have to do (besides solving ugly door finishings):

– finish dogs beds (all supplies already in hand)

– install utility sink

– utility sink backsplash

– install barn door

– finish installing wallpaper

– rewire and install lamp

– finish wall around the external door

– inverse external door and paint it

– finish wood wall

– install trimmings

– finish radiator

– patch broken part of ceiling

I know. we are probably not finishing it so soon.. But we are getting were we want, I hope 😉



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