Monthly Archives: October 2012


I planted my first tulip bed!! I have serious plans involving bulbs for the future, but there is a lot to be done outside before that. But I couldn’t resist, so I found one spot that is probably not going to be touched, much, any time soon, did a big weed cleaning…

and planted 50 tulips.

Lets see how it works in spring…




It’s been a long time without posting. Mainly because it’s been quite busy here, with lots of travelling and few work on the house. I am going to travel again so we are not taking any bigger project till mid-november, but we are tackling little things that need to be done anyway. It doesn’t make a fantastic post but it is nice to see how things are getting done..

– We installed the knob on the door to the basement, another finishing touch in the kitchen.

– Ali, the crazy dog, decided she doesn’t like her new house in the laundry. And, to show her point, destroyed some elements there, some that were brand new… She is back to the office while I am travelling this much, but soon we will start the battle of her moving, again… Among the offended items it was the electrical cord of the range hood, that Pierre just fixed and we have a hood working again.

– After a year of use the counters where looking a little sad..

so this weekend I sanded and oiled them.

and also took the opportunity to do some reorganizing and decorating in the kitchen. We moved the microwave, it is a little better but still not fantastic.

Also we installed our new posters and organized the counter.

– Finally, we also assembled a chest in Kyana’s room to make more space to her clothes. It is part of my attempts (usually failed) to control kids mess around here.

Details, details.. 🙂