A little demolition. Again.

Last post about the laundry I said we were re-planning what to do with the internal wall. Just to remember: it was made of a sort of cardboard (I have no idea how this is called) painted over. So you had that orange peel texture and it was very easy to take pieces out of it. Out plan was to cover it in   wallpaper. An easy, fast and affordable solution.

But then I decided to open a window to bring in some light as the dogs are sleeping here now. And when we opened the window, we found out that under the paper there was wood. Probably a very nice wood wall.

So what you do in a case like that? Obviously you drop the previous plan and go check the wood wall. And so we did…

We found a beautiful pine planked wall, in perfect conditions. Why someone decided to hide it under that ugly cardboard finishing I really cannot understand. But we are back to the wood walls. And probably putting the whole wall back to wood, what means my first ever hanged wallpaper will have a very short life. 😉 For a much better result!

Ali approved it too. So now we have to finish uninstalling the paper stuff, and finish the walls. Cool. It will be very nice. And probably the longest laundry renovation ever. Pierre is extremely happy, he loves the laundry renovation 🙂



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