Monthly Archives: December 2012

The wood wall

We finished renovation works – for this year, of course. We have some more travelling to do in December and we will be back, recharged, in January.

There was some minor works done that I will be showing later when there is more progress, but the laundry wood wall is finally finished!

Our first idea was to just paint the drywall that was already there.


But then we decided to check what was behind the drywall. And there was a wood wall. Probably from when this house was built.


So we decided to leave it exposed. But some work was necessary: scrapping remnants of wood that had previously covered it, sanding off some painting, and sealing/treating the wood.


And here it is the final result:


The light is very bad these days, but the wall is just gorgeous.. I tried to do a side by side before and after, but it is very hard to take a decent picture of the finished wall (not just that it is cloudy, but I cannot fully open the door because of the cabinets.

DSC07533         DSC09789

Still lots to do, but one wall is finished! Yey! Bonne Fête, see you next year!