2012 review & planning 2013

We are back home after very nice holidays. A lot was done in December though anything in the home front. Now we are fully recharged to restart our renovation adventures.

To start I brought back our plans for 2012, updated with what we did and with the plans for 2013:

Basement 1:

– Clean walls and floor

– Seal concrete floor

– Install heating (?)

Nothing done.. We keep the plans for 2013..

Basement 2:

– HUGE cleaning of wall and floor

– Seal concrete floor

– Get storage furniture and organize storage area

Set a new work table, fix present work table and organize work area

We have a temporary new work table that has been very useful. Nothing else done, so we keep the plans for 2013..

Basement 3:

– Clean floor

– Seal concrete floor (?)

– Organize hard storage (?)

Nothing done.. We keep the plans for 2013..


– Follow up garden restoration with municipality

– Install chicken wires on the wall and guide vine growth

– General maintenance

– Set sitting area in our  side yard

Although we put lots of time in follow-up we didn’t get anything done by the municipality to restore our garden. It was a long story and apparently it is all solved. So we should have this solved this year. Additionally for 2013:

– General maintenance

– New planting


– Paint front deck

– Reinstall windows panels that fell this winter

– Build winter back entrance (?) – probably moving to 2014

We decided to just reinforce the deck in front of the door as we will need to rebuild the deck. It was to deteriorate, so we decided to not invest any unnecessary time on it and do the big work next summer. So for 2013:

– Rebuild the front deck

– Install dog fences

Entrance hall:

There was no plan for 2012, and nothing we did. We are very good in planning. For 2013:

– Scrapping old wallpaper

– Painting the walls

Sitting room:

No plans for 2012, no plans for 2013

Dinning room:

– Scrap vinyl floor

– Uninstall old curtain rods

– Finish wood floors (?)

Nothing done.. We keep the plans for 2013.. Plus:

– Painting the walls


– Build storage system (shelves?) – partially done

– Change lamp

– Install door (?) – we changed plans, we are going with curtains

– Plan what to do in the space between pantry and kitchen

– Finish wood floors (?)

For 2013 we finishing what we didn’t finish in 2012.


– Finish bottom cabinets

– Finish spice rack – partially

– Install shelf for microwave – presently under discussion

– Find solution for scratched stainless steel fridge door

– Scrap vinyl floors (?)

– Finish wood floors (?)

– Install organization boards on the side of fridge

– Find solution for wood stuff at side of fridge

– Finish metal cabinet (internal bottom shelf, drawer rail and knobs)

For 2013 we finishing what we didn’t finish in 2012.


– Insulate external wall

– Uninstall old cabinets

– Build cabinets with integrated dogs houses

– Install utility sink

– Finish walls and ceiling (where we damaged installing the hood), including muddying, painting and other finishes not defined yet

– Paint floor

Finally a place where we did most of what we planned! But it was much more work than initially thought so we are still not finished. For 2013:

– Install barn door

– Install new lamp

– Sew dogs cushions

– Finish trimming, paint internal wall and closing external wall (after finishing electricity)

First floor half bathroom:

There was no plans for 2012, but I did prime the walls. For 2013:

– Painting walls

– Installing mirror, towels and toilet paper hangers

First floor bathroom:

– Find a solution for yellow stains on the walls – still not solved..

– Paint sink

– Install curtain under the sink and uninstall door


– Getting some sort of temporary storage

– Moving the dogs out – partially

We have a main challenge here: a stubborn dog. While she doesn’t accept her moving to the laundry, we can’t finish the office. I am restarting her moving process, so hopefully we will be able do move forward with the 2013 plans:

– Paint walls and trimmings and floor

– New bookshelf walls

– New layout

Guest room:

No plans for 2012, no plans for 2013


No plans for 2012, no plans for 2013

Upstairs hall:

No plans for 2012, for 2013:

– scrap wallpaper

– paint walls and install new wallpaper

Twins’ room:

Build a play table, buy chairs and set extra storage – temporarily solution adopted

– Install hooks for towels

– Paint (?)

Cedric’s room:

– Finish little window curtain

– Get a new chair – plans changed

I also did a nice pillow for this bed. And he changed the whole room after we were done….

Kyana’s room:

– Finish curtains

– Get a vanity desk

– Get a nightstand, or some thing that works like one

We got her a dresser, but we still have to solve the items planned for 2012.

Master room:

No plans for 2012, no plans for 2013.

Second floor bathroom:

The idea was to start works there by now, but we changed plans. We have to many things to finish and we will focus on that in 2013. So this will go to 2014…

Well, it is a little frustranting to see how much we didnt get done, but it was a very challenging list. And we have again a challenging list for 2013. Lets see how it goes.



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