I work at home, so our home office is the place I stay most of my day time. So it should be nice, right? It is not.. First, we had to work  on the kitchen (having a dish washer was a top priority) and then we got the dogs.  And there was no place to put them. Then we had to work on the laundry to have a place for the dogs (that, by the way, it is not finished). So for more than a year I have been working among boxes, dogs crates, frames to be hang, an aquarium, and other random items. It was not beautiful, it was not organized, it was not pleasant. At all.







The mess was not the only problem. The walls were orange (a sort of sponge painting) and pale yellow. The trims were bright orange. The floor was something like light brown, and it was not fully painted. And we had a flying saucer as a light fixture.

So, as it is carnival in Brazil (so couple of calm days at work) and my computer needed to go to maintenance I took this week to make our home office a nice space. First we took everything out and did a HUGE cleaning. The previous owner was a smoker and it is really impressive the amount of “yellow whatever” we still have in ours walls.


Then it was time to scrap some glue residues that were on the floor (the dark spots on the photo above)


Not a nice job. After all the prep work, it was time to prime.


And paint.


The floor and trimmings still need a second coat. But it already feels nicer. The radiator will have to stay orange for the time being, as it is being used. As soon as we turn the heating off (can’t wait) all the orange is going. And we are probably leaving it in bare metal. We just have to find some sort of protection to it.

Coming next: finishing painting, building a bookshelf, installing the new “fixture”.  🙂



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