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Um banquinho e um violão…

Pierre started playing electric guitar. More precisely, practicing electric guitar. It was a long time passion and I was very happy to give him his first guitar. I was just not aware that they are related to rabbits and this one guitar become three… We are almost a family band! So, along with the guitars it comes the accessories, or whatever this stuff is called, like amplifiers, pedals, cables… and a stool. We are not yet finished with the musical side of the office, but the stool is done!

It started with a couple of dollars piece that Pierre got at the thrifty store, and a leather jacket I got at the same place some days later. Some spray paint, staples and a little time, and here we go. Before and after.

DSC00288         DSC00304

I have also, sort of, finished the “bookshelf”. My original plan was to make it out of wood boxes, but the boxes I was thinking were not available and I didnt find any alternative. So I decided to make my own boxes.. I made the project, got the wood cut at Home Depot, stained, nailed and oiled the boxes.

DSC00298  DSC00300

And now we have the bookshelf!


We are just waiting to fully dry and books are coming back soon.

Almost there, almost there!


Fizemos a luz!


Well, plans never work, right? So.. the plan was to finish the office before I had to start working again. I didn’t finish. And I started to work again, in a partially-ready office. That means we have half of the office stuff in the living room. A radio being restored in the kitchen. And we didn’t have light…

But now this is solved!

Remember the fixture that was there before? I really really didn’t like it.


But I didn’t have any new one in view. So I decided to make me one simple fixture. I grabbed some basic materials and in couple hours we “assembled” and installed it.


Nice! Back soon – I hope – to show the new bookshelves (also DIY) and some other little details that are coming together.