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Garden update – 27.05.13

After a lot of raining, the garden is coming in full strength. I am not yet finished with the planting, but it is filling up…


The creeping phlox is still showing off. The other day the neighbour come to ask about it, because they want to plant it too. So proud of my garden!



And it is a great match with the lilac.



The lilac is full of flowers. Go figure.. I was expecting a very bad year due to my neglect. These are the best surprises.




I love this one. I need to write down its name because I always forget.


And a new tulip just appeared. We have a red one at this spot, and I guess this one is a “sister”. Cute!




Garden update – 19.05.13


As I said on yesterday’s post, we finally received the plants, so while the boys were working on other stuff, I was gardening like a mad woman. It is not all finished, but I did finish the front patch (not the 2 front flower beds, because we have to finish the porch before I can work on that).


Just to remember, it was like that last year waiting for the municipality to bring the plants.


And now it is a garden again!


I am so happy. And completely destroyed!


Uma casa para duas cachorras


We finished one of our multiple fronts! This weekend my father-in-law came to Lévis again (to watch Kyana singing in a contest, by the way she was amazing) and helped us a lot, again. Yesterday the boys finished levelling the area, installed the floor and the fences. And now we have a controlled area for our crazy ladies.

Marcia e Erick, de novo, super mega obrigada!! Esse verão as meninas vão até ficar bronzeadas! 😉

We started spring with a heavily damaged grass area in our skinny backyard.


And now we have this fantastic outdoor area for the dogs.


The girls prefer staying around us, for sure, but they can stay outside much more now.




We FINALLY received the plants from the municipality. Our garden was partially destroyed due to the works made by the municipality in our street. They were supposed to fix it, but it was too late when they finished in 2011. There was a lot of problems in 2012 and it got too late too. But this year we really got full attention from the responsible there, and the plants were delivered last Thursday. They are great.

We are working a lot outside this weekend. Some posts coming soon.


Garden update – 16.05.13

The beautiful summery days we had are gone and we are back to chilly spring days.  I am cleaning, transplanting, planting, mulching, weeding like crazy and the garden has started showing his beauty.DSC00445

The creeping phlox are coming back. It felt the damage due to the municipality works in the street but it is coming back to its former glory. I will move it at some point, so I really hope it is getting stronger.


I love it.


The tulips make me smile. I have to plant a lot more this fall. They are so pretty.


And some flowers starting to appear. I believe a lot of planting will happen the next days, so things will looks less naked it this flower bed. And I am almost finishing with the raspberries and roses (the hardest part of spring). I will post pictures when I am done.


Front Porch – update


Last weekend we finished the railings. Now we have to install the trellis and wait because the woods have to dry so we can paint. Anyway there is so much to do in the garden that this waiting time will be good..


So we did it

Huge weekend here! Sunny, warm, visits, barbecue, family, gardening, building a new deck and stairs for our front porch… Great time, and exhausting. We didn’t finish the porch yet, so I will make a complete post later. But here it goes a sneak peek of how we finished today.