Gardening again


Spring has finally arrived and the first flowers are appearing everywhere. This crocus just popped up under the roses and I didn’t even know we had it. Next fall it will be bulb intensive. It is so cool to see flowers when most of the plants are still waking up. We are cleaning up, planting, transplanting, etc.. It looks like we will finally get our plants from the municipality but I am not going to depend on that this year. There is some seeds started indoors, growing well, and more planting will happen soon. We are working on our front porch, starting next weekend, so I will take care of the front garden later. But the side gardens are getting a lot of attention.

So to start the season, remember the tulips I planted last fall?


They are starting to bloom!



How cool is that? I moved the rose to the back (as I said a lot of movement here), where I am making a rose bed. All the 3 roses we had in the house are there now. And next fall I will move the yellow irises to open space to new roses.



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