Multiple fronts

We are supposed to tackle one project at a time, right? Well we probably have more than 10 fronts open around here. Or maybe more, I am not counting. But that doesn’t stop us to start new ones.. So some update on what is going on:

– Office: it is officially finished. But.. There is some boxes with stuff to be organized and I have to frame and hang my world map. And I have to strip the paint off the radiator.

– Kitchen: we have to finish the sides of the dishwasher and the range. And the borders of the backsplash.

– Laundry: I lot of finishing to be done as well as big jobs like moving the machines and installing an utility sink, installing new wires and fixtures and installing a barn door. But we have a more complicate issue there. The dogs decided they eat everything they can reach during the night. So it is not so easy to find solutions that are also dog-proof. They might stop, right? So waiting is actually a good thing.

– Pantry: we have to add more storage, move the light fixture and install the curtain.

I also have requests, and plans, for the kids room. Yes, the 3 rooms…

But as soon as the weather got better, we started the outdoor projects planned for this year (besides the garden, of course):

– Our very generous friends Marcia and Erick gave us there kennel structure. So we went to Montreal, had lots of fun and brought back these huge pieces. We are installing it in our very narrow backyard, just off the laundry door (where the dogs sleep now). So they will be able to stay outside without supervision. But first we have to prepare the terrain. We started last weekend, levelling the ground and working on drainage issues. We started with that:


Then we found some buried bones… and the kids started a scientific expedition while we kept working. Until they decided to go skating..


And we are almost ready to install the fences.. (I am just being unrealistically positive here)


– Basement: Somehow it has become a war zone. Mess is magnetic, it always attracts more mess. We have a big lack of storage there, but it is being tackled this spring. But to be ready to receive the new storage shelves and stuff, we need to clean up the area a little.









There is still a lot to be done, but it is cleaner and categorized. So we are ready to start the next phase (and we are also working on the other two basement areas).

Well, well… Enough? Not for us. Next weekend we starting changing the front porch floor and stairs. There will be some painting, some reinforcing, for sure some surprises.



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