I love gardening. There is just so many nice aspects of it. But it is also an exercise of patience. Specially if you take your time to create your garden. There is the time to grow, the changes of weather, some surprises. Anyway results are always appearing and year after year your garden develops more and it is always in movement.

We have several gardens here and a tiny budget for it. So we are working slowly, using what we already have and lots of seeds. taking our time.

The “south” garden is the most established one. Work there is basically maintenance. We have a huge lilac, rose bushes, peonies, lily of the valley and raspberries.



The sideyard is basically a mess. The dogs destroyed the grass last year and we are working on rebuilding it but traffic on the yard doesn’t help it.


Also I am creating a new flower bed and disassembling another (where we are setting a patio). Probably we wont have much till next year around this garden.


The front garden has evolved much more. It was a nice garden when we bought the house, but it was very impacted by the municipality works in our street..

Some comparative pictures:


Slide4   Slide1


The garden around the front deck is not in a fantastic shape because of our work on the deck. But we are finishing it soon, I hope, and i will be able to start some reorganization there this year. Most of the work, though, will stay for next year.








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