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A door knob


Last year I bought a door knob for the office. And then it was missing a piece. We bought the piece but then there was a miscalculation and the piece was cut too short. Then it took several months to buy a new piece. Finally I bought it yesterday and Pierre installed it today!

For long we had that as a knob:


Much better now.. And yes kids are getting an english lesson 😉





Garden update – 24.08.13

I am back from my holidays and things are moving again around here.. Today we spend most of the day working outside to enjoy this summer last weekend.. At least it was a great day 😉

I finally transplanted my irises, but there are some left that I hope to take care tomorrow.. We started the day like that..


And finished like that..



The garden is looking like a garden! I still have some empty spots to take care next year, but it has changed completely. I am also planting a lot of bulbs this fall, so next spring will be fantastic.

Pierre was working on the basement door threshold, I am posting about that tomorrow when it will be finished. I have also started some other projects, lets see what I finish before travelling again…


Garden update – 01.08.13

We travelled, kids are on holiday, I got sick.. we are not the most productive home renovators right now. Pierre is going through a fixing doors phase, what has great results but are not exactly something we can make a post about. We have 4 doors fixed now (back, front and basemante entrances and guess room door). All of them open and close without extra efforts. It is great. I am so happy I can finally use properly the basement door, without having to unlock it from the inside, going outside the house to kick it at least 5 times to get it open! Yes, I guess the neighbors had fun…

Gardening is taking most of my time (but I do have some other side projects that will be posted as soon as they are completed).

I planted a white phlox in the front garden, with the pink ones. We even had some flowers!


The equinaceas fully recovered this year.



All the hostas have flowers right now, even the ones I transplanted or planted this year. I got some pictures but there are some that I didn’t photographed, I will include in the next post.




The coreopsis are also very beautiful, as you can see in the picture above. Some have more flowers than other, lets see how they go next years. Maybe there is a difference in sun incidence.

We also got a late lupin, it a nice pair for the hosta in the front garden.


The hydrangea is something this year. And that is after I cut some flowers to decorate the house!



Finally, I found some beautiful hollyhocks at a very nice price and could go forward with my plans of planting some on the tulip bed. So now we have two double pink hollyhocks!



So lets enjoy the garden while it is still summer!


Two projects

I forgot posting two other projects we made for the office. First, we renovated an old radio that was left by the previous owner. It was collecting dust in the basement for a long time. I forgot to take a picture of it before we started working on it, but it was dusty, really dusty. It is a Lafayette Radio, model C-37, from 1939. It is not in perfect conditions, but it is a nice piece any way. We cleaned, and cleaned, and then cleaned it again. Then we disassembled it, and cleaned everything again.


Pierre set new speakers inside so we can connect modern devices and pretend it is the radio playing. 😉


I also upgraded a little my cork board. It was a very basic one, that I just added some extra to the frame..



.. and covered the cork with burlap.


The seam appears more than I would like, but now covered with pics, notes and whatever you can’t really see it. And it goes much better with the office.