Indoor gardening

I finished planting the last bulbs and preparing the garden for winter two weekends ago. Now I am focusing on indoor gardening. I moved the herbs indoor, replanted some and now I am waiting to see the results..

I also started forcing bulbs for the first time. I will do more later, as we are not going to be here for the holidays, but my first vases of paperwhites are already in full bloom.


I have some hyacinths that have bloomed. I forgot to move then to the garden and let then around. When I remembered this fall they were already sprouting so I gave them a chance. They are not supposed to come back and my negligence is made clear by their size, but they are beautiful and they smell nice anyway.


I also set a vase of cactus/succulents that is going ok. Not the happiest vase in existence but we will find its balance.




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