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Kitchen – Little Updates


The kitchen got some attention recently. Just some little updates. I reinstalled the sink logo and some temporary leather knobs. It is a way of solving the problem that the size of the original ones are different of nowadays knobs. After looking for knobs for a longs while, I decided to make some out of leather scraps.


I also sewed new curtains for the base cabinet. These are a much better match.


And things look that organized because I took the pictures on the day I oiled the counters… ūüėČ

The kitchen is a little prettier now.

Pantry walls


I’ve been slowly making some progress in the pantry. Before the holidays I installed the last shelf that was missing at the top of the cabinet I built long ago.

When we moved, 3 years ago, we open the kitchen to the dinning room and left the walls and ceiling with holes, marks and ugly colors (white, beige and pink, all that in a miniscule space).


So, finally this years I patched the holes and marks.


Painted the walls.


Installed a base for the curtains.


And then sewed the curtains and also hung some frames.


So just to remember, the pauntry started as a closet at the dining room.


It became a (messy) pantry…


… that now is behind curtains (yes, it is still messy, but there is projects planned to increase storage and end all mess).


A final before and after, just for fun:

The holes, marks and several diferent colors…


And the same corner now…


Winter gardening


As winter is really loooooong here (and this one is particularly harsh), indoor gardening is super important to keep me sane.. I am making some experiments forcing bulbs indoor..

The hyacinths are coming..


The muscari are beautiful..


And so are the zivas. But the scillas that I put together didn’t come. I put them back in the basement, let see if I can fix that out, but I don’t believe so…


I am also testing an indoor “herb garden” but has not been easy.¬† It is a very cold winter so indoor conditions are not ideal (cold drafts, dry air). I didn’t lose any plants (except the basil that Molly decided to eat) but they are not very happy neither.