Monthly Archives: March 2014

Half bathroom – part 1

For a while I want to renovate the first floor half bathroom. It is a small room and I know exactly what I want done there. In the future I want to change the sink and install a nice vanity but, as it also needs a plumbing reparation, this all is staying for phase 2.

So what it is for phase 1? First ending all this rose. The trim, window, door and radiator are pink. And there is so many coats of paint that nothing works well. There is a textured wallpaper that is staying, but it will also get painted. I am renovating the window and fixing the door. We will also change the light fixture and them some nice decoration.

Some pictures of our starting point:


The door knob has always been broken. You can’t use it to close the door and it usually hurts who wants to enter ou leave the bathroom…


The wallpaper is nice but need glueing in some spots.



And all this pink… … …


Last year (or the year before) I primed the pink walls. I got back to work this year, and have already advanced a lot: the window  is bare wood, ready for fixing and getting new paint; the door is being fixed and stripped, the radiator is also being stripped, the walls are patched. I am planning some work for tomorrow, I might have enough to make a post on my progress.