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Garden Update – 29/05/14


Spring is quite cold this year, but the garden is showing more and more colors.. It is impressive how things move fast here.. The picture above is from a beautiful tree from our neighbours.

In our garden we are at full spring show off.  The Myosotis are everywhere. Even if I am cutting some to put inside and transplanting other to my other neighbours, we have a blue invasion.


They are so delicate.


The garden is also carpeted with pink and purple flower from the creeping phlox I planted last year. They are growing so fast, it doesn’t look like the purple ones were planted just one year ago!

DSC02012 DSC02010 DSC02011

So here it is. The pink, purple and blue sea of Phlox and Myosotis on the front garden.


The next picture also shows the improved front porch. I didnt make a final post on it because we still have to finish painting. But as it never stops raining, we have no idea when this will happen. But it is already so much nicer than before.


The blue sea continues on the front garden of the sideyard. But here it is from Muscaris.




The tulips were already fading on the picture above, but they were amazing. Just look the size of these flowers!


Another little tulip patch, at the back of the house.


The Narcissus are at full force too..



and the first anemone are opening..



Garden update – 16/05/14


We worked a lot outside this weekend. Lots of gardening and we started the patio in the sideyard. Now it is more a war zone, but it wont take long (I hope..). I took the time to appreciate all the beautiful flowers in the garden. Things move so quickly that sometimes I have the impression I can see them growing!

First the hyacinths,

DSC01889  DSC01891

then the Narcissus,









and tulips.



And a general view of the side garden:


Garden update – 12/05/14


Well, I was wrong in my last update… What is blooming on the lawn is the Scilla (and lets see how invasive it really is). I forgot I had planted the Chionodoxa under the lilac (pic above). They are all so cute.. These early spring flowers are a fantastic mood booster!


The hyacinths are opening and they smell so nicely. I planted three shades of pink, it will be beautiful when they are all opened (just 2 more days, I guess).


I planted a lot of narcissus, and the first ones are opening.




The bicolor muscari has its 2 shades more clear now.


The garden is getting more full of life and color everyday. It is so impressive how things go fast here!




One thing I really love in our garden is the raspberry bushes. They were already there when we moved and they were not planted but, actually, they  moved from the neighbours terrain. Every summer we have some days full of our raspberries. And it is so nice to eat raspberries from the plant with the kids.. But… raspberries are not very friendly and every spring there is these awful days I have to take care of them and the neighbouring rose bushes…

So we started spring like that:


A dry mess of tangled branches, full of thorns.. Then I got properly dressed (but you get hurt anyway), and after some hours of hard work we are ready for the next crop:


I have to seed some grass and keep the new branches under control, but it will feel the space nicely.


Garden update – 08/05/14


Things are moving fast in the garden. It is sooooo nice! Long days, sunny and less cold, plants sprouts and flowers popping everyday.

The Chionodoxa is on the lawn (but the Scilla is lost.. and after planting I was scared that I had planted a very invasive bulb but it is not surviving in our terrain..)


Some of the little crocus appeared too, and there lots more on the way..


There is also several Muscari. This one is a two colors one..


Laundry – little updates

We have not done any thing major in the laundry mainly because we are lacking the necessary time and money… but I have put some little finishing touches that, at least, makes me feel like something is happening 😉

After our last post about the laundry, I finished installing the planks above the door and, some time later, I hung the cute sign we brought from London.


We have to install molding, repair, inverse and paint the door and install a dog door.


I also hung my collection of 2 prisms on the hood pipe.. After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that there is no beautiful way to hide the pipe, so better to keep it like that and go for an “industrial” look…


The lamp is “temporary” as one day we will solve the electricity situation here and have a proper fixture hanging from the ceiling (and not a work light hanging from a pipe)…


I also found a silver tray at the thrifty store and set on the counter with all the laundry products in glass bottles. It is mainly to be cute, but considering the amount of laundry that is done in this house, it is actually practical to have all over the counter instead than inside the cabinet.


I have to install the knobs (that I already have… for a long time…), hung curtains and install moulding…. And this side is the one that is mostly done.. The other side is “the big work” (plumbing, changing door, installing window… such a small room, so much to do!)

But for now, it is a little cuter! Isn’t it?




Spring is finally here!! After an endless winter, temperatures are better and the first flowers are blooming! The sole crocus under the roses was the first again. It was followed by the irises below.



And the pretty Puschkinia too…



The hyacinths are coming strong.


And a general view of the side garden with all the little buds appearing.