Laundry – little updates

We have not done any thing major in the laundry mainly because we are lacking the necessary time and money… but I have put some little finishing touches that, at least, makes me feel like something is happening 😉

After our last post about the laundry, I finished installing the planks above the door and, some time later, I hung the cute sign we brought from London.


We have to install molding, repair, inverse and paint the door and install a dog door.


I also hung my collection of 2 prisms on the hood pipe.. After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that there is no beautiful way to hide the pipe, so better to keep it like that and go for an “industrial” look…


The lamp is “temporary” as one day we will solve the electricity situation here and have a proper fixture hanging from the ceiling (and not a work light hanging from a pipe)…


I also found a silver tray at the thrifty store and set on the counter with all the laundry products in glass bottles. It is mainly to be cute, but considering the amount of laundry that is done in this house, it is actually practical to have all over the counter instead than inside the cabinet.


I have to install the knobs (that I already have… for a long time…), hung curtains and install moulding…. And this side is the one that is mostly done.. The other side is “the big work” (plumbing, changing door, installing window… such a small room, so much to do!)

But for now, it is a little cuter! Isn’t it?



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