Garden Update – 29/05/14


Spring is quite cold this year, but the garden is showing more and more colors.. It is impressive how things move fast here.. The picture above is from a beautiful tree from our neighbours.

In our garden we are at full spring show off.  The Myosotis are everywhere. Even if I am cutting some to put inside and transplanting other to my other neighbours, we have a blue invasion.


They are so delicate.


The garden is also carpeted with pink and purple flower from the creeping phlox I planted last year. They are growing so fast, it doesn’t look like the purple ones were planted just one year ago!

DSC02012 DSC02010 DSC02011

So here it is. The pink, purple and blue sea of Phlox and Myosotis on the front garden.


The next picture also shows the improved front porch. I didnt make a final post on it because we still have to finish painting. But as it never stops raining, we have no idea when this will happen. But it is already so much nicer than before.


The blue sea continues on the front garden of the sideyard. But here it is from Muscaris.




The tulips were already fading on the picture above, but they were amazing. Just look the size of these flowers!


Another little tulip patch, at the back of the house.


The Narcissus are at full force too..



and the first anemone are opening..



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