Novo canteiro

It is a very rainy and chilly spring around here.. We had some wonderful days last week, but mostly it has not been like that. What makes everything move slower outside. We have 3 projects, besides the regular gardening, going on now:

– finishing the front porch (it is mainly painting so..);

– building a small patio with benches in the sideyard (that led to the third project);

– building a new garden bed.

I had a plan of making a shade garden in one of the yard corners, but as we had to relocate several rocks and a lot of land from the patio area, we decided to build a raised bed instead. The rocks were part of a previous garden bed and come originally from the fireplace the house had before being moved to this location. So obviously it had to be use. And it would be some work to get rid of the land. All solved!!

We can see the corner in the picture below. It was a huge mess of wood and branches. Part went to trash (they have old paint, possibly with lead) and the branches are waiting to be stored and used in summer fires.


So we used the rocks to build a wall, justing piling them up, very cottage-y.


And filled the space with land from the patio area.


It will take time to be covered in plants, but most of them are already there: hostas, astilbes, heucheras and bleeding heart. Not sure the bleeding hearts and heucheras are coming, lets see.. I want to plant a blueberry bush next spring too.

DSC02091 DSC02092


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