Half bathroon – reveal

After a long way, we are (almost) done with the first phase renovation of the little downstairs bathroom. At some point in the future we will have to really address floor and wall, but we are ok for some years now. So lets see the results!

It is a very small space, but a lot had to be done. There was all the pink (that we still have in the door and radiator that will be addressed soon). The window needed attention too and it became my first window restoration in the house).


We kept the wallpaper, just gluing some loose ends, changed the light fixtures and decorated! The pictures are not great, light is tricky there…

DSC02251nova DSC02250nova

After restoring the casing and the window panel, we installed it back with new hinges and a “stopper”. It is a piece used for trunks that solved our problem. Previously, the window would open all the way down, forcing the framing and staying on the way to the sink. Now the window can stay half-open, ventilating well without bothering or forcing the frame.


I manage to keep the old brass hardware. 🙂


The door wall was an ocean of pink.. There was also some patching to do.


There is still stuff to address at this side. The pink still there in the radiator and the door.. But the new color and decoration makes it so much better already!


The toilet wall also got painted as well as the pink shelves..


And here it is! The art is basic Ikea frames framing molas from Panama. And there is some decoration on the shelves now.


Hopefully, we will manage to finish the door and the radiator before winter arrives. And them all the pink will be gone!


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