Monthly Archives: July 2015

Recap – Front door

The days before starting the school, I decided to put some deadlines for me as I imagined that it would be difficult to keep working in the house during classes. So, we took the front door out (it was already broken but still functional), so I had some months in front of me to have it finished before winter arrived. And we did it! We installed the door under the first snow, but we did it!


There were some problems with the front door: one of the hinges was broken, forcing even more the others; the hinges were not strong enough; it opened to the side that was more likely to get wind coming in, forcing it open; the hardware was really not beautiful and had nothing to do with the house. So..

The door is not solid wood. But is still very heavy. Someone built it using solid pieces of wood, a lot of them, and two plywood planks. The plywood was in bad shape, but not the structure, so I made some repairs were the wood had rotted, and changed the plywood.


I will have to make some extra coats of red next spring because red on plywood is kind of a complicated mix to achieve a great result. But it is already much better.

The hinges and knob are from a place specialized in replicas, and are very similar to the ones on the basement door (that I don’t know from when it is, but it is problably not original to the house. Or maybe it is, hard to know). And they match the house style much better. The letter box plate is the same that was there before. I just stripped the paint and spray painted in black.




Recap – Petit salon

First room on the list of the beautification project that happened during my January break was our tv room / guest bedroom downstairs. I just couldn’t leave with the purple blue lilac sponge paint anymore. It was mainly painting and new furniture and decor.


We painted the walls a dark taupe. The sofa still the old one, but now it is covered in a white bedspread. We added a bookshelf and Bonbon (our snake) moved here. And then it moved out, back to our office…



And we finally decorated the room. Soon, we will change the sofa and rearrange the things, but for now it is much cozier, more beautiful, everybody happy!



Well, it has been almost one year since my last post. Last august I started school (on woodworking!), kept working and family life went a little bit nuts around here, with 3 kids full-time here and some other challenges…  Additionally, my partner in crime was even busier this last months, so the renovation plans have changed a little. But things kept going!

During my summer vacations I will update on what has happened here the last months as well as tackle some projects, what I already started doing.